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The AFLYHT is an association gathering 220 French hotel, catering and tourism high schools (comprehensive and selective ones).

It aims at federating schools and connecting them to the business world.

It includes 45 catering and tourism professional partners who put their expertise tothe service of education.

The board meets every other month.

The AFLYHT is also a think tank and a source of proposals for the Ministry of education and the Ministries related to the hotel, catering and tourism sectors.

Each year, the association holds a congress dealing with topics refering to the fields of education and the integration of youths in the professional life.

On the association website, the members have access to documentation and studies.

They can submit photos and films of actions made by their pupils, students and apprentices.

AFLYHT wishes to support schools towards an international approach marked by students exchanges and professional training periods abroad.

 For further information, please contact : 

To join the president and for internal and external communication :

Cyrille Jeannes  cyrille.Jeannes(at)


For any inquiery about AFLYHT, whether you are a high school (public or private), an individual, a present or a potential partner, please contact the Secretary-General :  Eric Loesch eric.loesch(at)


Treasurer of the association : Martine Gadreau  tresorier.aflyht(at)